Ceramic Services

Ceramic Services is owned and operated by Lenny Larson and Ken Wagner. For over 13 years, Ceramic Services has manufactured kilns for leading distributors within the ceramics industry. We design, test and make all of our kilns and equipment in our Ontario, CA shop. Our major customers range from the top schools and universities throughout the continental United States to local and international artists.

New Raku Video

Here’s what raku looks like at Ceramic Services. Thank you’s to our friend Jenny Cardin (Zenka) for doing the video for us!   Read more →

Sumo Raku Kiln Video

Here’s a new video with specs on our Sumo Raku Kiln.  If you’re a sculptor and want to raku your large pieces, this will be for you!



Sculptors take Note! The Raku Sumo Kiln is Ready to Rumble!!!

Stills from our firing of the Sumo Raku Kiln on August 16th.  It Rocks!!!   Video will be coming soon.  The firing was smoooooth as silk.

Artist Akinsanya Kambon fired one of his sculptural pieces on Saturday.  We are all very excited about this!  (Can you tell?)

IMG_2379 IMG_2376 IMG_2375 IMG_2372 IMG_2371

IMG_2383 IMG_2382 IMG_2381 IMG_2369