Front Loading Gas Kilns

Ceramic Services Front Loading gas kilns incorporate over 30 years of kiln building expertise.  Both our up-draft and our down-draft kilns have been engineered to fire perfectly even top to bottom. The function of our kilns are simple, safe and most of all consistent.

Quality & Design
The Down-Draft: Most professional potters, high schools and universities choose a Ceramic Services  Down-Draft Kiln. Excellent reduction atmosphere, even temperatures and the most efficient use of fuel make this kiln design the best on the market today.
The Up-Draft: The perfect choice if you’re an industrial ceramic manufacture. Clean burning and bright glaze colors are produced by firing this kiln. Many ceramic tile manufactures prefer this design for high production demands.

Front Loading Gas Kiln

Insulating Fire Brick  (IFB):

All of our kilns are built with a full 6” of insulation. The kiln walls  and door are comprised of 4 1/2” of   K-26  IFB and backed by 2” of  K-Facs insulation board.  The kiln floor  is built with two opposing layers of K-26 IFB.  This gives the kiln floor strength durability and extra heavy insulation.
All bricks are cemented in place  with high
temperature  refractory cement assuring that there no heat leaks.
All insulation is rated to cone 10 (2350F).  Our IFB Kilns are encapsulated in a  heavy duty welded steel frame with 16 gauge sheet steel.  The kilns are painted with a high temperature coating protecting the metal frame from rust and corrosion.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation:

Our Ceramic Fiber kilns are built using only “High Purity” ceramic fiber. The kiln walls, door and roof  are constructed  of  compressed ceramic fiber monolithic panels.  Each panel  is constructed with the ceramic fiber oriented  in a edge grain pattern and compressed to 12 lb. per square foot.  This allows for virtually zero% shrinkage of the fiber and provides  a dense insulation. The results are a 30% fuel savings on your firings!

Front Loading Kiln Specifications
Honeywell High Limit Controller:  Standard equipment on Ceramic Services Front Loading Kilns.
No extra Charge.
Flame Safety: Electronic ignition and UV Flame Safety  module standard on models CS18-CS36.
DSI Ignition and flame safety standard on models

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