Raku Kilns

Ceramic Services originally designed its ceramic fiber lined Raku Kiln with an exclusive “spring” lifting system to make the Raku experience effortless and problem free. Our Raku Kilns have proven to out perform the competition and have given years of dependable consistent firings. Our Raku Kilns let the ceramic artist focus on the creation of ceramic art, not struggle with the process of firing.

Standard features:

Exclusive spring / steel cable lifting system.No bulky counter weights.Our spring allows for an incredibly easy lifting and lowering of the ceramic fiber lined firing chamber.

Fast Firing:

Three ceramic tube burners power the kiln to Raku temperatures in minutes.  Our kilns can be fired on Propane fuel or Natural Gas.

Heavy duty welded steel frame, galvanized steel firing chamber.

Three inches of dense castable refractory floor designed to give years of dependable service.

Full two inches of “high purity” ceramic fiber insulation. Designed for continuous use up to cone 5.

100% Flame safety shut-off system. No need to install added parts. Our kilns come complete and ready to connect to your fuel supply with a full written one year warranty.

Construction: Heavy duty, all welded steel frame and galvanized firing chamber.

Dense castable, high temperature refractory kiln floor. Burner ports cast in the floor.

Adjustable top frame to keep the firing chamber free moving.

Heavy steel cable, pulley’s and spring to make the opening effortless.

Flame Safety:

All Ceramic Services  Raku Kilns  are equipped with a 100% “Baso” main gas shut-off valve. The valve is complete with a standing pilot and thermocouple. If the pilot flame is lost the valve closes the gas supply to the kiln. The standing pilot ignites the ribbon burner  and the main burners. No electrical connection required.

All Ceramic Services Raku Kilns  can fire to cone 5. Fire to raku temperature (cone 06) in 45 minutes from cold start, fire additional loads in 20 to 30 minutes after the kiln is hot. Use either Natural Gas or Propane fuel.  All kilns are backed by a full one year written warranty.

Optional Equipment:

Locking swivel casters $85.00 set of three installed

Digital Pyrometer $105.00  0-2400 F       Horse-head-raku-from-kiln at Ceramic Sevices

Power Winch$275.00 with locking brake

Crating Charge  $95.00 (All Models)

Crating required for LTL Shipments

Raku Kilns fire on Natural Gas or Propane Fuel (Must Specify when ordering)

Written one year warranty

Ceramic Services stands behind everyone of our products. Our kilns are built with only the best materials on the market today and superior craftsmanship. Each kiln is inspected and fully tested before shipping.

We guarantee it!

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